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Sports Chiropractic at The Arch Chiropractic Health & Performance Centre

Couple on tennis courtSports chiropractic uses basic chiropractic principles and adds a focus on strength and conditioning, exercise rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Combining evaluation methods and care protocols achieves superior results.

Sports chiropractic employs the same adjustment techniques used in general chiropractic. Our practice sees many active persons, from young athletes to weekend warriors. We have pro and semi-pro athletes as patients. Dr. Richard even treated a 6’11”, 425 lb. World’s Strongest Man competitor successfully!

No matter the level of competition, injuries can occur. Utilizing our sports chiropractic services before activity can reduce the severity of your injury and might prevent it from happening!

Sports chiropractic is used by athletes in sports like:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

  • Hockey
  • Track
  • And more!

Many professional sports teams have made chiropractic care a part of their health regimen. Chiropractors are trained in how structure relates to function; sports chiropractic is a natural extension of this training.

Sports Chiropractors help athletes increase their range of motion, reduce pain, lessen the medication they take and help delay or prevent invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Richard understands athletes; he’s one himself!

Your spine helps to anchor muscles throughout your body. Whatever impacts the spine affects your physical performance. When healthy, your spine can deal with the stress of daily life. If allowed to deteriorate, it can no longer handle trauma and your health suffers.

Sports chiropractic helps reduce soreness and improves flexibility, focus and coordination. It can also improve function and mobility and allow injured athletes to return to action faster. Your muscles function much better after an adjustment in our office.

Some conditions that Sports Chiropractic can address are:

  • Sprains/strains
  • Contusions
  • Concussion

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post-surgical recovery

Sports chiropractic helps athletes recover from injuries faster. By freeing restricted joints, their bodies are able to function at their highest level. We work with posture and muscle imbalances, and overused areas, to optimize and enhance your performance.

In addition to standard chiropractic techniques, ART – Active Release Technique, may also be used. A movement-based technique for repairing soft tissue and muscle after an injury, it treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

Some issues treated by ART are acute pulls, tears, micro-trauma and over-use. ART helps athletes, chronic pain sufferers and those who have not found relief through other therapies. Many patients are pleasantly surprised at how well ART helps their injuries heal.

Performance therapy includes cardiovascular training, strength training and customized sport-specific workout plans. Every sport has actions more common to them than others. For example, a hockey slap shot, uses a very different motion than swinging a bat. Customized therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal areas unique to your sport gets better results.

Heavy training regimens can increase inflammation in the body, resulting in muscle loss. Regular adjustment of the spine has proven useful in the reduction of inflammation and improved neural health.

A program of continuing care optimizes the performance of your musculoskeletal system and neural system as well. Our care plans provide therapies geared towards maintaining strength and rebounding after an injury.

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Sports chiropractic can make a difference for athletes at every level. Contact us for an appointment and see the difference we can make in your game.

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